This week Summer asked to play hairdressers. She has been working on her cutting skills but neither of us were in need of a trim so with her help we made some interactive hair cutting models.

For this activity you will need

  • strong cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Wool
  • Brushes, spray bottles, bobbles and clips

I added a blank face which allowed Summer to draw some features, this is optional but extra fun. If you want to do this I’d recommend adding this right at the beginning.

Step 1 – decide where you want the hair to go and make an incision in the cardboard

Step 2 – Wind the wool. For this we initially used Summers arms.

Summers arms got tired so for the next model we used her legs which she found much more enjoyable

Once finished carefully remove and cut and both ends

Step 3 – feed the wool through the incision and sellotape in place

Step 4 – have fun! Summer has come back to this activity over several days and it’s still going strong.