It doesn’t matter what scientific explanation is, a rainbow is still utterly magical, right?

Today we mixed up two of Summer’s favourite things; rainbows and Pizza!

For this activity you will need;

  • A pizza base (I used a shop bought one but feel free to use your own recipe)
  • A tomato sauce ( I use a passata with basil from the supermarket)
  • Food Colouring
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Food bags 


I would recommend before you start you have a damp cloth or towel nearby in case of spillages and make sure the children aren’t wearing their best clothes, just incase!

Additionally I used a medical syringe (the freebie from Calpol) for the food colouring, if you’re doing this activity with children I would definitely recommend this.

Put two handfuls of mozzarella cheese into a food bag and add 2.5mls of food colouring, seal the bag and give it a good shake until it looks evenly distributed. Repeat this process until you have the selection of colours you want.

Using a pastry brush, or the back side of a table spoon, spread your tomato sauce over the pizza base and then arrange the coloured cheese however you want. We used circles, but you can also do lines or a random placement.

Pop the pizza into a preheated oven for 12 minutes, unless of course you have made your own dough in which case you should stick to your own cooking guidelines.

Allow the pizza a couple of minutes to cool before you slice it and voila…taste the rainbow!


If you would like to see a step by step guide Summer has put together a little video for you.