Jings! Crivens! Help Ma Boab! The Oor Wullie bucket trail is back for 2019 bigger than ever before. The trail is open for 11 weeks from 17th June and has been taken Nationwide in a bid to raise funds for sick children throughout Scotland.

The Archie Foundation in Tayside are raising money for a new children’s ward and two state of the art children’s operating theatres. IMG_3938


The Archie Foundation is a cause close to my heart because I parent a chronically ill child who has had more hospital stays then we care to remember. He has also required care under Glasgow Children’s hospital who are one of the charities that stand to benefit from the fundraising efforts of the Oor Wullie BIG Bucket trail.

The trail here in Dundee has 36 statues to be found. I have put together a blank colouring book for children to colour in as they find the statues. It’s generic, so if you don’t live in Dundee, that’s no problem, it can be used for any trail.



The booklet is absolutely free to download, however if you love it as much as my children have please think about donating to the fundraising efforts, alternatively order a figurine from here for when you finish the trail so your child has their very own Oor Wullie masterpiece to keep at home.

Oor Wullie Booklet

Don’t forget to print in booklet format