I was surprised recently to find many of my Instagram followers had never been crabbing, especially as many of us live by the coast. There’s something exciting about sitting by the pier on a warm day eagerly awaiting a catch and crabbing can entertain children for a couple hours without the need for any expensive materials, in fact, you can buy everything you need for under £5.

You can go crabbing in large rock pools on the beach when the tide runs out or off the edge of a pier.


Equipment you will need;

  • A bucket
  • A child’s fishing net
  • A crabbing line (You can buy a crabbing line here)
  • Bait (A piece of bacon or a limpet from the beach will work fine)


Before you get started you will need to fill the bucket with some seawater and pop in some pebbles and seaweed to mimic the crabs environment and prevent it becoming stressed.

Then simply tie your bacon around the end of the crabbing line, drop it into the water and wait…


After a few minutes the line should start to feel a little heavier, it’s OK to raise the line to check and if you’re lucky a hungry crab will be munching away on the bait. Then, using your net, scoop the crab up.


Now you can transfer the crab into your bucket; either gently tip the net just above the bucket or, if you’re feeling confident, pick the crab up gently on either side of it’s shell being careful to avoid it’s claws.


You should never keep more than 10 crabs in the one bucket and when you are done gently release them back into the water. As tempting as it might be to take one home it won’t survive out of the sea and no one wants a rotting crab stuffed in their toddlers pocket!

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