Spring has landed and it opens up a lot of new play based activities for kids. I have put together a list of activities involving fresh flowers for some colourful, simple, free fun.


Flower Print Art

Simply put some different coloured paints out ( I use paper plates for ease of cleaning)  and put one flower head in each colour to prevent mixing. Use different sizes of paper to make some flower prints, these are easily popped inside Easter cards for sending to family or friends.



DIY Flower CrownsIMG_6912

You will need

  • Some card
  • Sellotape
  • A glue stick or PVA glue
  • A collection of flowers and leaves

Cut your sheet of A4 card in half and attach end to end with sellotape. Cut in your crown design, this can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Let your child run free with sticking flowers to the crown and set it aside overnight to dry. You can use double sided sticky tape which is much easier and more instant but as it’s not accessible to all I’ve used glue for this instruction. Once dry sellotape the remaining ends together and place upon the head of your prince, princess, woodland elf or fairy.

A Nature Mobile

For this activity you will need some string, a decent sized stick and flowers picked from the base of the stem.

Head out for a walk and collect a variety of different flowers remembering to cut them as near the base of the stem as possible.

Flowers will dry well when hung up, gather them into bunches and tie string around the bottom of the bunch, like mini bouquets. Once you’ve tied it off with a knot use the excess string to attach each bunch to the stick. This activity also works really well with different bunches of garden herbs.


Foliage Faces

You will need

  • A variety of foliage IMG_2074 2
  • Paper
  • A pen
  • Glue

This is a really simple idea, draw a large face on a sheet of paper and let your child design some crazy hairstyles.



Flower Fairies

You can draw your own fairy or print off my template and use fresh petals to design outfits. Your child might simply want to colour the fairy and and glitter their wings. If you want these to last a little longer pop them through the laminator and use them as decorations in or around your house.

IMG_6917 2


Fresh Flower Play-dough Gardens IMG_6972

This is a super invitation to play. Add green food colouring to a no bake salt dough recipe to make play dough grass and let younger kids design their own gardens.







Flower soup or perfume

IMG_6955A pot, a bowl or a cup and a bag of imagination is all that’s needed for this.
I remember making flower perfume as a child and hiding it in my room for weeks, I’ve no doubt I smelled like moss by the time my mum found it and threw it in the bin but it was oh so magical having my own home brewed perfume.


Colour Changing Flowers

Unless you have white flowers growing in the garden shop bought might be needed for this activity.


Place 4 clear cups of water on a tray and add a different colour of food colouring to each one. Place a flower in each cup leaving 2-3 inches of the flower stem attached. Within a couple of hours you should start to see discrete changes and over the next 24 hours as the flowers draw up water the white petals will show a change in colour.

Flower transfer Art

IMG_6948You will need

  • A collection of flowers and foliage
  • A piece of fabric
  • A hammer or similar
  • A thick piece of cardboard.

This activity can be used to make bunting, wall art and a host of other keepsakes.

Collect an array of different coloured plants, leaves and berries. Lay your fabric on a hard surface outside and lay the plants out but only on one half of the fabric. Fold the other half over the top. Place a thick piece of cardboard on top and hit it repeatedly. For this you can use something like a hammer or a rolling pin. Leave the fabric outside to dry in the sun.

Flower Parts Sorting

Planting and growing are always a good activity to get children involved with but if your child has a good understanding of what plants need to grow you can push there knowledge a little further by exploring the different parts of plants. Make 4 labels; seeds, petals, leaves and stem and dissect flowers placing each part of the plant under the relevant label.

Frozen Flowers

A really simple exploration activity. Put some brightly coloured flowers into a container of water and put it into the freezer. Feel free to add in a favourite toy figure alongside the flowers. Once set tip it out and let your child work out how to free their toy. They might ask some questions when they realise it’s stuck, they might try to break the ice but with your help they will identify the ice eventually melts and that right there is floral science!

Another fun idea; Tip the Ice blocks into the bath to make a sensory bath experience.

We always love to see how others get on following our blog. If you get involved with any of these activities please tag us on Instagram and let us know.