What’s lurking in the Ocean?

World Oceans Day falls on June 8th this year and I saw it fitting to plan a project week for my pupils with the main focus on Oceans. Being such a huge topic I decided to create an independent research piece which incorporates an analysis of where the 5 world Oceans are and what lives within them.

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This booklet is a child led research piece on animals found in the Ocean and is available to download for free here: Whats lurking in the Ocean animal research task

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If you’re looking for other activities for your child or class to complete alongside this booklet I recommend the following;



Virtual School Trips


Teachpal has collated a huge list of Virtual School Trips with a section dedicated to Aquariums. Find them at http://www.teachpal.co.uk

Build your own Rock Pool

IMG_1272Maddie Moat has released a hands on Youtube video showing you how to build your own rock pool at home.


Draw along with Rob Biddulph

IMG_1261 2

Rob Biddulph is a best selling children’s book author and illustrator and he has compiled a library of Online Art Lessons on Youtube. 

Project Litter Critter

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Dom at All that she is has started the hashtag #projectlittercritter to display some incredible Art work she has created using litter from her local beaches. Take a coastal walk and collect litter to create your own work of art. This is a great opportunity to talk about plastic pollution and research the effects of plastic pollution in our Oceans.

If you are looking to link some Maths, for this topic I was focussed on first level CfE and covered co-ordinates using maps and capacity challenges for volume. IMG_1276

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