I love to make easy themed foods with Summer and with Halloween around the corner I thought I would try a few new spooky snacks this year.

I have 2 rules when cooking with Summer. It should be QUICK and EASY, and these snack ideas are both of those.

Fried Skull with dippy eyeballs

Dipping toast soldiers into bleeding eyeballs…the perfect ghoulish breakfast. I have tried this a couple of different ways now. Using the skull silicone mould which you can find here

Which ever method you choose the eggs need separated first. Carefully separate the egg yolk from the egg white. I used 2 eggs for this spooky breakfast.

To Fry – Oil the pan and the mould before placing your frying pan over a medium heat. Pour your egg whites into the mould avoiding the eyes where possible (don’t worry if egg white goes into the eyes as you will place the yolks over the top regardless)

Cook for a few minutes until the egg white is cooked through and use a spatula or fish slice to carefully remove the mould rfom the pan and place onto a plate. You might need to use a small knife to separate the eggs from the mould.

To oven bake – Oil a baking tray and place the empty mould into the oven for 5 minutes. Heating the baking tray in advance will cause the egg to form on contact and stop spillage. As above, pour the egg white in first avoiding the eyes where possible and then add the yolks to the eyes. Pop the tray into the oven for about 7-8 minutes, until the egg white is cooked through. I found this way easier to work with when putting the eggs on the plate.

You can serve it with toast or bacon crossbones.

Pumpkin Pizzas

This is such an easy dinner idea if you’ve got a busy night of trick or treating planned. All you need is a couple of flour wraps, some grated cheese and a tomato pasta sauce.

Line a baking tray with tin foil and spread pasta sauce over one wrap, sprinkle cheese on top. With the other wrap use a sharp knife to cut out a pumpkin face and place on top. Pop into the oven for 10 minutes, and enjoy!

Spider Apple slices

Chocolate apples with a twist, these spider apple slices are an easy way to get fruit into your little ones Halloween haul.

Slice an apple, insert cake pop sticks into the slice and for the legs gently push pretzel sticks into the side edge of the apple. Finish by dipping the whole spider in a bowl of melted chocolate and leave on parchment paper to dry. Finish off with some edible eyeballs.

Eyeball Jelly

This recipe is super simple but it does require a bit of patience. All you need is 2 packets of jelly, I used Hartley’s Lime Green and a bag of gooey eyeballs. I got these from Home Bargains.

First of all you will need to make up your jelly. I used a little less liquid than the packet suggested to ensure the jelly kept its form when tipped out. To start with melt the jelly crystals into 1 pint of boiling water, then top up with about 350 mls of cold water. Pop the bowl into the fridge.

After an hour add some eyeballs to the jelly. If you add them sooner they will melt due to the heat of the jelly. At this stage the eyeballs will sink to the bottom of the bowl. Once you have added the desired amount pop the jelly back into the fridge.

After 2-3 hours add a few more eyeballs, some will sink and see will float, continue until you have added all of the eyeballs you want. Pop the jelly back into the fridge until the following morning.

To remove the jelly from the bowl, submerge the bowl in a pan of boiled water for 30 seconds, place plate on top of the bowl and flip it upside down. If the jelly fails to fall away from the bowl repeat this steep in 20 second intervals.

Once the jelly fleas onto the plate return it to the fridge for a following 30 minutes to counteract the sudden increase n temperature.

This dish makes an excellent table centrepiece for Halloween.

Pumpkin guts fondue

This is a firm favourite and an easy dish to replicate for a few days. The trickiest part of this table centrepiece is carving out the top to conceal a bowl. I started by drawing around the bowl and repeatedly checking that I hadn’t cut too much away. Once I was happy with the size of the hole I scooped the rest of the Pumpkin flesh out and cut it’s mouth out and drew on eyes with a sharpie pen.

Once you have your pumpkin carved and have fitted the bowl you can really make any kind of fondue you wish. I opted for a melted cheese fondue with chip and avocado dip.

The pumpkin can be washed down and used again for a few days. I’d love to see how you fill yours over at Summer Discovers Instagram page.

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